We have a new line about to roll out. Something to help all those busy moms and dads out there. Have a little girl who loves watching all those princesses on tv or have one who loves playing dress up as one. We are getting the pictures of the whole set together but we are now offering prepackaged Princess Birthday sets. The set  will contain 5 tutus of your color choice, 5 wands, 5 lace crowns or halos, 5 party invites, table cover and streamers in the same color as the tutus.  The prices start at $75. You can order on our custom order page now if are ready to order now before the pictures go up. In honor of the new line we thought we would share some ideas for a princess party from Pinterest.  Pinterest has some really great ideas for a princess themed birthday party. Here are some of our faves.
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Thank you for Reading
I personally love Renaissance, medieval fairs and fairy balls. They are so much fun and we are fortunate enough to have over 3 in my area and a few more in the neighboring states. You can learn some neat facts about that time (a great time to plan a theme unit if you home-school and use the fair as a fun field trip to round out the unit) and you can also let your imagination have a free day to run along side your child's and enjoy all the revelry and fantasy often alive and well at these festivals. This is a place that you can wear a costume and no one will think it one bit odd but actually condone your ability to join in on the fun.
One of my tutus and ragatus are perfect as costumes or part of a costume for such festivals.  Here are some ideas and some inspirations. No not all these pictures are mine but yes I can do that.

A Fall Fairy

Source: etsy.com viaAlicia on Pinterest

A skirt perfect for a pirate, a commoner, a witch or even a gypsy

Source: Alicia on Pinterest

Of course your little one needs to be in on the fun be it a fairy or a pirate

A woodland fairy princess at any age.

 Now I am working on a new fairy handmade wing line and will be released later this spring if all goes well and the practice rounds continue to go well.

Now no prince or princess should be seen with out their crown. Yes of course I have you covered there no matter what age you are.
These are my lace crowns but I have floral ones coming out later this spring.

We have fantasy colored lace crowns

Metal toned lace crowns

Source: Alicia on Pinterest

Jeweled and glittery lace crowns

Just remember we are all dreamers on the inside and that is an ageless age so be free to go and have a little fun and forget your physical age for just a little while. Thank you for reading.