A popular trendy color this year is yellow. I love the color and yellow is such a wonderful color for a wedding. It can be so soft and airy or so Bold and breathtaking.
Here are some wonderful Pictures from Pinterest of some ways to use Yellow in your wedding. 
I love this simple and sweet wedding cake. You could add flowers in any other colors you are using in your wedding.
You could use yellow as gorgeous color in your tables center pieces.  Even in this simple setting it really pops and dresses up the whole scenery.

No need to go with a traditional white dress. If you go with a dress like this soft yellow one you can still be absolutely breathtaking on your big day.
This lovely bold bouquet would really pop in your wedding photographs.  
Bridesmaids dresses in a bright yellow would really pop and radiate the warm sunny feeling of your big day. 

No one would miss your programs or invitations if you printed them a bright yellow.

Don't forget him. He would dapper with a little splash of yellow.

  A sweet tutu or tutu dress with a splash of yellow on your flower / banner girls would be just adorable. You can order yours right here from me.
Your little ring bearer would look so sweet with a little bow tie similar to this one only in yellow.
Thank you for reading. We here at Dreams Come True Shop hope your big day is everything you are dreaming it to be.

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We have a new line about to roll out. Something to help all those busy moms and dads out there. Have a little girl who loves watching all those princesses on tv or have one who loves playing dress up as one. We are getting the pictures of the whole set together but we are now offering prepackaged Princess Birthday sets. The set  will contain 5 tutus of your color choice, 5 wands, 5 lace crowns or halos, 5 party invites, table cover and streamers in the same color as the tutus.  The prices start at $75. You can order on our custom order page now if are ready to order now before the pictures go up. In honor of the new line we thought we would share some ideas for a princess party from Pinterest.  Pinterest has some really great ideas for a princess themed birthday party. Here are some of our faves.
get this

 get this

 get this
 get this
 get this
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Another big trend for 2013 weddings is the use of the color mint. It really is a splendid color. Very cool and refreshing in tone and can be very theme inspiring. It lends it self well to a flowing beach front wedding, a small backyard wedding and even a large cathedral wedding. You can use the color in many ways and even the scent or flavor of mint at your wedding.  I have been scanning  through Pinterest to find some Pinspiration ideas to share with you. I hope these Pins inspire you as much as they have me.
get this
 You could go with a lovely mint wedding dress. Like this one. 
 get this
Dress you brides maids all in mint. I love the mint with yellow flowers but black or brown accents would be gorgeous too.  
 get this
I love these shoes and if your were mixing this trendy color with another trend like the 1920's theme they would be almost perfect. You can see more about that trend here.

get this
 The mix of clean crisp white and mint with a splash of gold would make your event look very elegant with out much effort. 
 get this
Add a sweet scent to your wedding with mint scented candles as part of your decorations.
 get this
You could use mint as an accent color an walk down the isle with a mint colored bouquet  like this one.Though I think a splash of color would really make it pop but this look would be awesome for a winter wedding.
 get this
Whether you go with a mint colored cake or one flavored mint. You could always add sweets bar with chocolate chip mint ice cream, mints, mint flavored chocolates and more.
 get this
For the men you do something small like this to keep the colors going with out making them put on a mint tux. 
 get this
and remember you don't have a huge budget or a fancy facility to make your big day special and a little dressed even if it is at home. I love the way the colors all came together her with the white and purple. They would be ideal for a spring or summer wedding.  
 And don't forget those little flower girls or banner girls
A sweet flowing and fluffy tulle tutu dress  would be so sweet going down the isle at a beach or in a church. A fabric tutu would adorable on your little flower girls as they marched down the isle be at the local garden or in your backyard. Both styles would look adorable in your pictures. They are also something fun those little flower girls can take home and play in after the wedding.I can make those for you in just about any style you want. Plus if you custom order 2 or more I give discounts.  So be sure to jump over to my custom order page and bookmark it for you to come back to later and  order some for your wedding once you decide on a color or colors you want to do your special day in. 
Thank you for reading. Coming back soon for more ideas and tips.

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When you purchase a tulle and fabric tutu I know you want your item to look it's best for as long as possible. So here are a few tips to help you keep them as nice as possible so your little one can play with for days,weeks and even months to come.

Tulle tutu
1. First you should not put a tutu in the washing machine or dryer
2. If your tutu becomes wrinkly or flat use a steamer to smooth out a wrinkles and between layers to help refluff it. If you don't own a steamer a nice steamy bathroom can help with the wrinkles.
3. For spots you can spot treat it with a damp cloth or something like a Tide Pen to Go
4. If your tutu becomes smelly a light spritz with Febreze or favorite fabric refresher can help with the odors.
5. If your tutu becomes snagged you can trim that piece of tulle


Fabric tutu
1. Should not  put a tutu in the washing machine or dryer
2. If your fabric tutu becomes wrinkly you can steam it and/or use an iron on the fabric. DO not use an iron on tulle if your item also has tulle in it
3. Spot treat your fabric tutu with a  damp cloth or you can use a something like a Tide Pen to Go
4. Your tutu becomes smelly using a fabric refresher can help with the odors.
5.  It can help to trim the little strings that can come off of the fabric strips.
6. It you get a snagged piece you can trim the piece

Hope that helps if you have a bigger issue with your tulle tutu or fabric tutu please don't hesitate to ask .
 Thank you for reading

I personally love Renaissance, medieval fairs and fairy balls. They are so much fun and we are fortunate enough to have over 3 in my area and a few more in the neighboring states. You can learn some neat facts about that time (a great time to plan a theme unit if you home-school and use the fair as a fun field trip to round out the unit) and you can also let your imagination have a free day to run along side your child's and enjoy all the revelry and fantasy often alive and well at these festivals. This is a place that you can wear a costume and no one will think it one bit odd but actually condone your ability to join in on the fun.
One of my tutus and ragatus are perfect as costumes or part of a costume for such festivals.  Here are some ideas and some inspirations. No not all these pictures are mine but yes I can do that.

A Fall Fairy

Source: etsy.com viaAlicia on Pinterest

A skirt perfect for a pirate, a commoner, a witch or even a gypsy

Source: Alicia on Pinterest

Of course your little one needs to be in on the fun be it a fairy or a pirate

A woodland fairy princess at any age.

 Now I am working on a new fairy handmade wing line and will be released later this spring if all goes well and the practice rounds continue to go well.

Now no prince or princess should be seen with out their crown. Yes of course I have you covered there no matter what age you are.
These are my lace crowns but I have floral ones coming out later this spring.

We have fantasy colored lace crowns

Metal toned lace crowns

Source: Alicia on Pinterest

Jeweled and glittery lace crowns

Just remember we are all dreamers on the inside and that is an ageless age so be free to go and have a little fun and forget your physical age for just a little while. Thank you for reading.
Planning your little ones 3,6,9, and12 month pictures? How about those toddler and preschool pictures? Do you have a plan?
Here is some ideas to think about when planning your picture session.
1. Timing. If your little one takes naps on a schedule be sure to plan around those times. Also make sure to plan around a time that is not a normal meal time for your little one. One more thing make sure that you don't plan your photo session right after a trip to the doctor. You want this to be a comfortable fun event for your little one.
2.  Theme. make sure you bring along an outfit or two ( especially depending on the age) that will go with your theme, accidents happen and it is best to be prepared. If these are milestone pictures you may want to use  similar themes or backgrounds to really make the growth of your little one stand out.  You could go with an overall theme like playtime, birthday or Holiday as well to add a little fun and sweetness to the pictures. Be sure to discuss this with your photographer before hand.
3. Outfits. I do not suggest to many outfit changes as this can stress out your child. If this is family photos you could go with a color theme for your outfits. This can be visually appealing. Also if you know your photographers ideas for background or settings you could chose an outfit that will compliment the theme of the setting for your photo session. Such as a white T-shirt and jean overalls could be really cute with a toddler pulling a wagon with a few teddy bears in it outside in a park. If this is a milestone picture you could chose an outfit that can grow with your child and be used to show how much your little one has grown. One last thing on outfits for your photo session. Chose outfits that are comfortable for your little one to be in. This can help to make the whole experience more enjoyable for you and your little one.
4. Props. Your photographer will probably have props already and a few ideas for your photo session, but if you have a special heirloom or a specific item you want to use be sure to tell your photogapher before hand if at all possible. You could use a simple prop in your milestone pictures. Especially if it is an item special to your little one like a favorite teddy bear. This can also make your photo session more relaxing and enjoyable for your little one.Also make sure all of the props are safe and are being used in a safe manner. An example of this is would be propping up a barely able to sit up alone infant in front of wings on a stand (safe) on a cement floor with no padding under or around the baby (not safe).
5. Weather. Be sure to plan around the weather in your area. If it is summer and it gets extremely hot in the afternoon then plan your photo shoot to be in the morning before the heat or indoors if later in the day. Reverse that for winter. Also check with your photographer when scheduling any outdoor sessions about the ability to reschedule if there is inclement weather on the day of your photo shoot. Especially if you booked off of a special they were running.
6. Photographer. There is no need to just grab the first photographer and go. Take the time to look around. Ask some of your friends if they have a photographer they like. Look on places like twitter, pinterest and facebook. Many photographers who post on these places will have pictures posted from other sessions they have done so you can get an idea of their work ahead of time. Find out the cost up front and what that includes. Many smaller photographers run deals and specials that are just as economically priced as your in store photographers( except maybe Walmart). Also remember many smaller photographers will be more capable and willing to take the time to help you achieve some very one of kind pictures at a pace that can be more relaxing than at some of the bigger places. A smaller photographer may have fewer props or backgrounds ( or the programs to fake them) available. So talk to your top picks of photographers ahead of time to see what they can offer you.Also if you have shy child you might ask if you can set up a time for your child to meet the photographer ahead of time so your child has the opportunity to be come comfortable before you put them in front of the camera.
7. RELAX . have fun. Enjoy the time and memories you are literally making. Don't stress out over getting that perfect shot. Your little one will sense your stress and it will make the whole thing a miserable event for everyone involved. Trust your photographer who will use all their abilities to get that perfect shot for you. Also some of those not so perfect shots turn out to be more special and meaningful than the planned one. Allow your little one to be themselves. Don't push them to hold something or do something they simply don't want to. They will still give you that perfect smile when they are relaxed and having fun too.

Well thank you for reading.
My tutus make perfect outfits for birthday parties,dress up, weddings and photo shoots.
I can make a tutu any size and almost any color scheme you can think of.  My custom tutus and tutu dresses can be made as thick and full as you want.These type of tutus are perfect for fantasy to vintage weddings.  I also can make a ragatu ( tutus made of fabric), these are especially cute for country and boho weddings or events. Let's not forget both types are oh so cute for photo shoots like all those Easter and spring shoots that everyone is booking right now. They are also perfect and can be made inexpensively enough for a fun new play outfit. I also have the accessories to make them cute little outfits for any occasion.  Here are some pictures to inspire you.  To start your own custom order  click here.  Thank you for reading.

  Little miss looking cute in a handmade custom tutu A custom  tutu Sweet sisters
Loved this shot with my tutus by Picture Purple Photography one of our happy little customers red and white tutu Sweet infant crown. Would be an awesome baby shower gift customized wings