I recognize this not our usual blog for this website but we all felt that this is needed shared here this week. We will be back with another wonderful blog to inspire your events and playtime.  
A large elm tree with green leaves is at the center of the image. It is surrounded by a short brick wall, and several nearby buildings can be seen in the background.
survivor tree
As this day precedes along it's course I want to take a look back and encourage us all to move forward. This week has been a hard one for our country marked with tragedy and sadness. My prayers go out to those in Boston and in West,TX. This week has been especially marked for those in Oklahoma. Today April 19 at 9:02 am in 1995 is not only the day the Murrah building in downtown Oklahoma City came partially crashing down but also the day our lives came crashing to a stand still.

 I still remember that day. I was in Biology class in highschool when something dropped and rolled across the ceiling of the school or so I assumed. Turned out to be the rumble from the blast miles away. The look on my teachers face as she came back in the room after being called in the hallway still is etched in my memory. I remember one of my friends sobbing because her mom was supposed to be downtown that day and  she not  able to get a hold of her. She turned out not to be near the building and ok. I  remember wandering from TV to TV in the hallway with my friends numb and not able to grasp why anyone would do such a thing. I remember going from class to class only to sit and watch the news because no one was sure hat to do with us students so they kept us at the school even though no one as in any kind of frame of mind to teach or learn. I remember coming home to knowledge that my stepdad was one of the many rescuers( he was a firefighter) down there digging to through the rubble trying to find those lost and those who may still be alive but trapped. I remember how our city and state pulled together immediately to do all we could to help. I remember the news anchors swarming downtown trying to get the story and even a few who thought they deserved to be in places no one but emergency workers were supposed to be in because of who they were. I remember the blur of information the day of  and the days following. I remember the pictures and videos from that day. I remember going back to school that week and the dark cloud that hung over the school. Every time I hear Lighting Crashes by Live I remember that day. I remember the lives lost. I remember the tree planting ceremony at our school in remembrance of those lost lives.  I also remember rebuilding. Watching the rest of the building being brought down and the building of our beautiful memorial in it's place. The museum being built to help remind and educate the generations to come.
 Just like those who lived during the time of JFK's assassination this singular day will be etched into many Oklahoman's memories. Just like the entire nation on 9/11 we came together, regrouped and rebuilt. Every year we remember that moment and this is year no different. Only more marked because of the awful events preceding this day. As the news continues to flow and we learn more of the events in Boston and West,TX let's remember that the darkness of a terrible event can not extinguish the light of love and hope. That through the pain lessons can be learned. Let's remember together we will make it through this and any other events that may come our way. Don't let a day slip away with out telling your friends and family  how much you care for them and those that you may be having a difficulty with that you are sorry or that you forgive them. Remember in your prayers to be thankful of the blessings you do have and not just your worries or fears. 
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