One of the trends for weddings this year is expected to be 1920 styles. Which I just love. Those soft head fitting cloche hats and the bobs with their finger waves. Of course back then instead of curvy the emphasis was on flat so for all those not so well endowed brides to be out there this look will be for you. Plus that time era has such a romantic feel with the US coming out big onto the World Stage after WW1, things were prosperous  and many people ignoring prohibition( creating of what we know look at fondly ( as twisted as it is)of what a gangster should look like). Books like the Great Gatsby swirl with the romance of the time ( don't like to read the movie is coming this spring). The flat yet flowing flapper style dresses of the time were the first to allow girls to actually kick up their hills. Which is a perfect dress style for your reception. I personally love the hairstyles of the 1920's 30's and 40's as well as the hats. Both the hairstyle and the hair accessories/hats  were still so feminine but also modern,functional and fun. These hairstyles would be fun for your wedding style especially if you have short hair. A cute finger wave looks good in long and short hair. The make up back then was mischievous and fun with pale skin ( try a shade lighter than your own to achieve the look),dark smoky eyes, Cupid bow lips done in plums, oranges and raspberry colors, high thin eyebrows and soft cherry cheeks. Walk down the isle with these colors and you will turn heads. Your chosen stylist should be able to help you easily achieve these looks and maybe with a modern tilt to it if you so chose. Now for that walk and that dance later you may choose to take a close look at the 1920 style boon of T-Bar (strapped)heels. So loved and favored because the wouldn't slip off while dancing. You big day will not be the day to loose your shoe until you are ready to. Here are some awesome Pins I found on Pinterest showing some of the styles I mentioned in this blog from the 1920's.Thanks for reading.
Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

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