To start all my RSS feed fans and website fans you will want to actually come to my blog site so you can see all the pictures.  I am so blessed to be a Stay at Home Mom who also runs her own business. My business really is a family ran business. Everyone pitches into help from top to bottom. My DH (support and brainstorming partner, booth builder,helper and blog/website checker), me ( the owner and brains) and all of my kids ( models,inspiration and helpers). This week I had made some new items for my etsy/website, which meant pictures of the new items. I thought I would give you a peek behind the scenes and show you some of my little helpers assisting me take some pictures.
This is what you see on the website, Etsy, Pinterest and other places.
      The following pictures are what you won't see thanks to some editing. The weather was perfect this week for pictures and one of my bushes is actually flowering so I had a very nice little spring backdrop.                    
                                             So outside we went and the fun began.

Note the little head
Experimenting with an idea Lizard had
Lizard is a great helper and picture taking really opens up her creativity and gives her an outlet for it. I love to let her throw out some ideas and to try them out. I feel it will help her see that mom takes her thoughts and opinions seriously.

                             Little  Coyote loves  being mommies little model even if the item isn't
                             quite her size. Yes that is a Halloween shirt. She loves the color and the bats.She was also picking flowers ( The flowers on my poor confused bush and weeds) for mommie whilst I was taking pictures.

                              Sunny Bunny is a perfect little model and helper. Her little smile is as sunny as
                                 her name. She couldn't resist jumping in and having mommie taking some
                                   pictures of her too. She is always one of my biggest helpers.She was helping to also entertain Coyote while I was taking "boring" non-kid pictures.

                       These last two pictures show how we started. We started with taking pictures against a black back drop ( no I don't have fancy little set up yet but I do have child laborers haha)and by the end they had taken the camera and where posing mom for pictures.   I love these moments because not only do I get some work done but I also get some bonding time with my kiddos in also.  Thank You For Reading.
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