Planning a bachelorette party or a bridal shower? Having a hard time finding that perfect gift for the bride to be?  Well I have some fun ideas for you to add to your festivities and some fun gift ideas too.

1. Grab a white t-shirt and a sharpie ...... Have your bride to be wear the shirt during your party. Have all of the guests and anyone else with well wishes sign the t-shirt during the party.

2. Plan some of these fun games from the knot

3.  Story time..... Sit in a circle and have all the guests share some funny stories involving the bride to be and said guest. * remember to be nice with what you share this is for fun not to be mean or embarrassing

4. Scavenger hunt...... plan a scavenger hunt for the bride with fun things like... have a guy serenade you or loudly order an in appropriately named drink etc.

5. Paint ball...... do something unbachelorette party or bridal shower like and go do something like paint balling or take a cooking class.

6.  Slumber party.....enjoy a night of fun stay in spa and beauty, movies and perhaps a few games and drinks.

7. photo booth..... set up a fun photo booth for the guests to take pictures for a scrap book of the party for the bride.

8.Matching outfits.....Go out wearing shirts with your part in the big event on it or matching outfits like 80's themed or tutus( hint hint). Then take pictures as a group in as many places and as many times as possible.

9. boudoir...... Book a photographer and have fun doing each others hair and make up for some fun boudoir pictures. * Bonus the uninvited men get some really fun picture gifts for themselves. 

10. Camping..... Make a weekend of it but no need to spend $1,000's to go to Vegas. Make it more personal and economical by going camping.

Some gift ideas

1. Something Old
2. Something Blue
3. His and Her t-shirts for the honeymoon
4. A day at the spa
5. Something for the bride to wear that night and the days to come * Kind of like this hat by me
6. Something unique and handmade that is just the brides style from somewhere local or Etsy
7. lingerie gift card - yes it is still fun to give  but it is so much easier if you let the bride go find that perfect set.
8. Gag gift  - if you are going for fun just search the internet there are plenty of gag gifts to give a bride to be.
9.  Gift cards to some of the couples fave. restaurants.
10. A scrapbook for the bride to fill with all the pictures from the night, the big day and the honeymoon.
Thank you for reading.

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